XRH9 - Premier Magic Lung® Under Cabinet

Linear styling perfectly accents the Professional-styled kitchen. Includes the Magic Lung® blower system. Lights feature a dual switch for dimming. Equipped with the SensaSource® heat sensor. Available in popular standard or custom paint colors, stainless steel, real brass, real copper or hammered copper. Recommended mounting height is 24" - 27" above the cooking surface. Suitable for use in covered outdoor applications when installed in a GFCI protected branch circuit. Also available in custom sizes.

XRH9-130 30" 300 450
XRH9-230 30" 600 900
XRH9-136 36" 300 450
XRH9-236 36" 600 900
XRH9-142 42" 300 450
XRH9-242 42" 600 900
XRH9-342 42" 900 1350
XRH9-148 48" 300 450
XRH9-248 48" 600 900
XRH9-348 48" 900 1350
XRH9-448 48" 1200 1800
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** EQUIV CFM : Because the Magic Lung® blower uses centrifugal filtration rather than conventional baffle or mesh filters, the Magic Lung® blower can handle cooking equipment with higher cubic feet per minute (CFM) requirements and can deliver equivalent CFM much more efficiently than other filtration systems. When comparing the Magic Lung® with other blower units made by other manufacturers, use the “Equivalent CFM”.

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