Kitchen Range Hoods

Vent-A-Hood is your leading resource for revolutionary kitchen range hoods that are made from high-quality, high-performance parts. Our family owned company is always on the forefront of technology, and over the years, we have set our standards high and continue to exceed them with our time-tested technologies. In the process, we have developed our patented Magic Lung with SensaSource blower system, an innovative technology that gives each range hood exhaust vent extreme power, efficiency, quiet performance, fire safety and easy cleaning.

No matter which kitchen range hood vent you select from our company, you get the benefits of Magic Lung technology. What's even better is that you can customize your kitchen range hoods to meet your unique cooking surface. No other company is able to service a wide range of customers like we can, whether you're a light residential cooker or a five-star chef working in a professional kitchen.

Here are some of the benefits to Magic Lung with SensaSource:

  • • Three-hundred CFM of air movement in each blower, with the option to add more blowers in one vent for up to 1200 CFM of air movement.
  • • A unique filtration system that combines constant air speed and pressure with centrifugal filtration.
  • • Low noise output thanks to the lowest sound ratings in the industry, and SensaSource technology that is included with halogen lighting.
  • • Additional fire safety thanks to the constant air pressure that prevents fire from spreading to the ductwork.
  • • Easy cleaning with pieces that snap apart and are dishwasher safe. Also, grease is collected in a special housing that can be easily cleaned.
  • • Five-year warranty on material, workmanship and the internal motor.

At Vent-A-Hood, we understand that each customer is different and cooks in various conditions, which is why we offer our exclusive Build-A-Hood module where customers can build their own kitchen exhaust vent. When using this tool, you choose from our Designer Series Island or Wall Mount exhaust hoods and customize the range hood exhaust vent with color, accessories and the right blower system. See what thousands of others have already discovered with Vent-A-Hood: attractive, low-maintenance kitchen range hoods sold at a fair market value.