Vent-A-Hood® Range Hoods
General Ventilation

Hood Canopy

To properly size a hood canopy, four dimensions must be considered:

Diagram 1
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Holding capacity- Hoods do not pull or draw, they only collect. Holding capacity is needed to collect cooking vapors so the blower units can exhaust them to the outside. For standard cooking equipment, under cabinet hoods are appropriate choices. For professional style cooking equipment or barbeque grills, wall mount hoods should be used.

Diagram 2
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Overlap- Whenever possible, the hood should overlap the cooking equipment by three inches on each side. On island hoods, this recommendation should be considered mandatory.

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Projection- The hood should project out to the front edge of the front burners in order to properly capture cooking vapors.

Diagram 4
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Mounting Height- The hood should be hung at the recommended mounting height to allow for appropriate capture of cooking vapors. Each category of range hood that Vent-A-Hood®® manufactures has a recommended mounting height. Hanging a hood higher than recommended may result in the hood being less efficient at capturing cooking vapors.