Vent-A-Hood® Custom Liner Inserts

If your decorative hood is NOT ALREADY BUILT, choose a standard liner and build your hood to fit.

We can build a liner for an existing decorative hood Provided we receive ACCURATE INTERIOR DIMENSIONS!

Use the Custom Liner Measurement Page to assist you in determining what dimensions are needed for us to build your custom liner insert. (Wood hoods are rarely square. Always measure inside depth and width dimensions in multiple locations and use the smallest dimensions.)

Bottom Depth and Bottom Width of the liner must meet and fit with bottom interior of the decorative hood (see drawings 1 & 2). The liner must cover all burners for maximum efficiency.

Always use interior measurements of the decorative hood.

Provide us accurate interior dimensions and we will allow a 1/8" clearance on the width and depth (unless you specify exact dimensions).

Height of the liner does not have to be the same as the height of the decorative hood, and is generally shorter (see drawing below). 12" is the optimal liner height, but 18" is required if you want a warming bar. 9" is the minimum height for a liner.

Top depth (Projection at top of liner) must be less than the interior depth of the hood (standard top depth is 12"). You must measure the interior depth of your hood at the top height of the liner to make sure the liner will fit all the way inside the hood (see drawing 3).

Standard lip height is 3".

If you desire, you may ship your wood hood to our factory and let us take care of it for you. We measure, build and install the liner, then ship it back to you. Contact your distributor for shipping instructions.

See Custom Liner Measurement Page for specific dimensions. You can also get a standard liner to to fit many custom hoods.